N’Dambi, meaning most beautiful is the Dallas native singer's voice, style, and incredible storytelling ability through music. Influenced by country and gospel music and later by soul, funk and jazz music she began her professional career as a background singer with Erykah Badu. While working with Erykah, she released three critically acclaimed independent albums (Little Lost Girls Blues, Tunin’ Up & CoSignin’ and A Weird Kinda Wonderful) impressing audiences world-wide with solo performances in Japan, Kenya, Uganda, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, the UK, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Indonesia, Singapore, USA and more. N’Dambi also appears on projects with hip-hop artist Lecrae; pop star Ariana Grande; Jazz trumpet player Nicholas Payton, Dallas jazz band Snarky Puppy and many more.

As a result of N’Dambi’s successful career as an independent artist she was signed to the reactivated legendary Stax Records releasing Pink Elephant in late 2009. On her 2011 Grammy-nominated album Pink Elephant, N’Dambi’s purposeful songwriting offers the listener detailed lyrical snapshots largely created from observations, rather than her own life. N’Dambi’s soulful vocal instrument rekindles our relationship with soul music flawlessly with insightful lyrics and tight arrangements that resound the energies of past soul sisters like Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Mahalia Jackson and Chaka Khan.

Earning  a college degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern Methodist University N'Dambi incorporated her influence, skillful writing, and piano background to travel and create her own musical lane.  Blessed with a deep contralto, she ingeniously distills soul-deep inspiration into a sensual style of elegance and power, making her a fundamental addition to the R&B/Soul movement of our times and our future.