Young Lady

Album: A Weird Kinda Wonderful

Read a book, fly a kite
Jump a rope, ride a bike
Imagine and pretend
Won’t you make a new friend?
Bust your bubble
Step right in, take a look just begin
The world is more than the box you are in.


Where you wanna go?
What you wanna be?
You ain’t really lived ‘til you’ve traveled young lady.
Til you’ve traveled
Somebody said you ain’t really lived ‘til you’ve traveled young lady

Try a little take a bite
It may be something you like
Take a plane take a boat
Why don’t you take a hike?
Go to the zoo, to the park
Play monkey bars til its dark
Make a smile, laugh a laugh
Make a new piece of art



Don’t miss the chance to be bad.
Go see some things you never have
Give in and try something new
It may look good on you…