What’s Wrong With You

Album: Little Lost Girls Blues

Verse 1

Was it something that I said that messed with your head
The other night, things were right had no reason to be uptight
Have you changed or rearranged your life to fit me in
Or are you kosher just to promotcha seeing that with me
You’re in like Flynn, awh….


What’s wrong with you
Why do you treat me like you do
Awh/Hey, what’s wrong with you
Awh, what’s wrong with you

Verse 2

You had me cussing, kicking, screaming
Made me wonder what was the meaning
Made me cry, sigh, moan when you left me home alone
Don’t wanna lose you but I don’t chose to be the girl
On the side
If it’s your way to make things okay
I’ve gotta move on and you’ve gotta ride


My love, my darlin’ you know that you’re the one
I’m thinking of
Awh, my love, don’t give me no funny business
No don’t give me no funny business
C’mon baby bring it on
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Come on baby, ooh,
Come on darlin, ooh,
Come on suga, ooh,
Come on baby,
Cos baby my love for you is so very very true
No one could ever do for you the things that I do for you
Naw, naw, na naw, naw, naw, naw my love

Say you are my love, you’re the one I’m thinking of
Baby don’t give me no funny business come on baby
C’mon with it
Awh, my love
Even through the night, I love you strong