What It Takes

Album: Pink Elephant

1st Verse

Suga, come on. It’s time we go to bed
Darlin’ rest your weary aching head
Lay those burdens down
They’ll be here when morning rolls around
Baby, it’s not always an easy fix.
Some seasons you’ll just have to deal with
It’s not the end of the world
I am here. I’m still yo’ girl.


So if the sky should fall
If it decides to break
Know that we’ve got it
We’ve got what it takes
Know that we’ve got it
We’ve got what it takes

2nd Verse

Suga, don’t fret. Do only what you can
I promise it won’t make you a lesser man
Can’t save the world
But you are superman to this girl
Baby it won’t be like this for always
Let’s weather the storm and head for brighter days
The best is yet to come
It’s only just began



No matter what, my place is here with you
We can conquer the world
Hand in hand us two
Some days are rough but in me you have a friend
We can, make it together…see it to the end


2nd Chorus

Baby we stand tall
To own the love we make
At times we just might fall but
We got what it takes
Suga, we got it
We’ve got what it takes