The One

Album: Pink Elephant

1st Verse

They say that I’m tunnel vision
Focused on the view
‘Cos I keep my eyes on the prize
While the world keeps making moves
Sometimes, I’ve been told
That I’m so hard to read
Like a diamond among the coals
You happened to notice me
You said your heart felt a spark
When I smiled at you
You said that your feelings told you it was true
And you understood
And it feels so good
To be with the one, the one who truly loves me


You are the one
At last, I finally know
You are the one
I’m feeling alright letting my hear show
You are the one
You won me over baby, oh, oh
You are the one
And this time I’m letting go

2nd Verse

It’s uncanny you make me wanna do what I thought I’d never do
Before I only thought about me
Now, it’s about us two
Just like a shinny supernova
Your love has truly taken over
Feeling so brand new
Whenever I’m with you
How you believe in what I couldn’t see
You must have looked deep
Deep into the heart of me
Cos you know you could
And you know you would
Be the only one, the only who truly loves me



I grew to love that smile
That I’ve never noticed before
I’m feeling like a child
Running in a candy store
It was in your way
And the words you chose to say
That was all it took
To win me over

3rd verse

This selfish woman has made room
For your love to stay here
And I’m sure without a doubt
You’ve won my heart dear
And man who loves me for who I am
Without keeping score
You’ve shown me how to love
Who could ask for anything more


(you are the one, you are the one, you are the one) (3xs)