See Ya In My Dreams

Album: Little Lost Girls Blues


See you in my dreams tonight
‘cos in my dreams you hold me tight
see you in my dreams tonight

Verse 1

I’ve been saving my last kiss
For a man that doesn’t know that I exist
He says hello and he smiles real fine
But he is no man of mine
Oh we meet and greet at work each day
Hello is all he says
But in the quiet serene
I see my baby in my dreams


Verse 2

Well, each and every night when I close my eyes
It’s about my suga baby that I fantasize
He looks real nice and smells real good
Holds me like I knew he could
He calls me his sweetie dear
Says all the things that I wanna hear
I think I ready for bed ‘cos
Adventure’s waiting just ahead


Wait a minute, wait a minute lemme stick a foot in it

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…all night go daddy go