Free Fallin’

Album: Pink Elephant

1st Verse

Woke up from a bad dream
It was such a horrible and gruesome scene
Woa, it made me cry. I was out of control
And there was no place to go
Um, hm (um, um)
I couldn’t run from it, no
I couldn’t hide
It was bigger and greater than the great divide
I felt it tug down deep in my heart
And that was only the start
It had me peepin’ round corners and locking the doors
It had me underneath the bed on all fours
Oh, I suspect the scariest part of it all
Was that I would continue to fall


Oh, I’m I’m hurting
I can’t believe that love has desserted
While I’m pining away
Today, I’m free fallin’

2nd Verse

These haints and heebee geebees they won’t leave me alone
Said I called a friend to talk about it on the phone
I asked what must I do, yo’ I need to know
How long before a broken heart goes
She said, “you gotta reach to the lowest of the low,”
“you gotta feel it in your back, now all the way down to your toes
un huh, until the pain just grows and grows
until you feel like you just might explode
she said “don’t you worry, you will breathe again.
Just wait until the sun meets the moon and then, oh, oh
That’s when you’ll know yes, that’s when you’ll know
You need time for a heart to mend.