Daisy Chain

Album: Pink Elephant

1st Verse

I had a weakness for cake
I told you when we met
And as sweet as yours is
It now feels me with regret
Don’t wanna just be your lover
Wish I was your girl
But who am I to fool myself
You’re going home to her


And when the clock strikes twelve
You put on your pants/clothes and you leave
And I wake up to only me
In this bed to deal with these feelings
And I know what, I don’t want this for me
See, I don’t want to be caught on your


Daisy chain
I’m tired of back and forth and ‘round again
You can’t keep me on your daisy chain
I don’t want to be on your daisy chain

2nd verse

You give me good moments
But suga, it’s not enough
Cos rollin’ over pullin’ my hair
Just isn’t love
I’m tired of pretending
When all I wanna do is feel
Since I put in the work I deserve
Something that’s real


( 2xs)


Daisy chain
‘Round again
Daisy chain
Daisy chain