Black Star

Album: Tunin Up and Co-signin

Black star….

Verse 1

He had a car
He traveled far
To the place
He’s always dreamed of
He fell in love with the stars
And he decided it was where he belong
He sought his place
And took a space where the many think they’re called
But the chosen are few
He fell in love, with nebula
And he knew just what to do
Yes, he knew just what to do


Black Star
Black Star
Keep shining
You better tell them who you are
Black star
Go far
Up above the clouds
There you are

Verse 2

He was to be
All he could be
For the world to see
And to take him in
He was led astray
He lost his way
And he stood dying in the wind
He was dying in the wind


Hold on when hope is gone
And nothing really matters
(and nothing really matters)
oh please, let your shine be
the thing that brings you out
and fill you within
so seek your place
and make a space
where the many think they’re called
but the chosen are few
go fall in love
with nebula
and rise and shine away

Chorus (repeat)